Ice fantasy, ljubljana, slovenia

come celebrate with us

NOVEMBER 25, 2017 - FEBRUARY 4, 2018
every day 9:00-24:00

with spectacular view

Pavilion Bar

The Pavilion Bar will offer one of the best catering sights in the center of Ljubljana. The glass roof will offer a view on all sides of the Congress Square, and especially magical view of the Ljubljana Castle. At the same time the roof will protect the guests from rain and snow - think of the feeling when you are in a warm shelter, with great food and drink, friends and music and you can see flying snowflakes above you ... magic!

Pavilion Bar will offer hot drinks, soft drinks, alcohol drinks, cocktails, burgers, Slovenian sausages, Christmas sweets, ...


thirsty on ice?

Ice Bar

If you are going to feel cold during skating and would like to warm up with a hot drink or if you will become thirsty, you will be able to enjoy yourself in the Ice Bar, which will be located in the corner of a small ice rink. Bar will offer non-bottled hot and cold drinks without alcohol.

The Pavilion & Ice Bars operates under the Kaval Group. Kaval Group exists since 1999 and connects 16 units that together create a culinary story recognizable by tradition, uniqueness, excellence and high level of service quality. In its ranks, it has excellent Chefs, famous for top culinary stories. Kaval Group restaurants are recipients of numerous awards in the field of culinary art.

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All persons entering or using the Ice Fantasy Italia vGmbH Ljubljana facilities do so entirely at their own risk and skate at their own risk. Any participants shall have no claim for injury of any nature whatsoever against the operators, management, staff, clubs or affiliates of Ice Fantasy Italia vGmbH. Ice Skating can be hazardous and Ice Fantasy Italia vGmbH will not be held responsible for any loss or injury incurred regardless of its nature. Any persons who may suffer from high blood pressure, have any back, neck, heart or any other physical limitations should have a written clearance from their doctor before participating in any ice skating activities. Pregnant woman should not skate at any time. Ice Fantasy Italia vGmbHwill not be held liable for any lost or stolen articles. A limited number of lockers have been provided for a small fee for you to secure your valuables. Ice Fantasy Italia vGmbH reserves the right to refuse service or admission to anyone.

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